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Forest Dream Picture

Published on 19 August 2019 at 07:00

A dream or vision about a forest tells you about life, fertility, happiness, rejuvenation, new energies and spring in our feeling. Another explanation is the unknown or subconscious, figuring out the possibilities in your life.


You might discover a part of yourself that is driven by maternal instinct that you have inherited from home. Dreams about a forest are about yourself, it reflects the way you live your life; each tree tells you something about how and what.

You are, as it were, the forest, including the animals that live in it; trees, stumps, roots and so on. The forest is both your past, your present and your future; but you can also think of your past life and your soul, your source, your base.

Walking in a forest indicates the (life) journey you make and / or in the situation you are in. What was, what is possible, what you want and your obstacles and so on "the soul journey", yourself your status, your feeling, your emotions, your desires. The lighter the forest, the easier it is to walk the path of life - the easier you experience it. The darker the forest, full of obstacles, the harder you experience the situation and / or your life.


You are, as it were, the forest, your inner demons, your family, your friends, your work everything is present in the forest. Everyone and everything you meet on your path comes forward in the forest. You can also think of cut down trees, broken branches and so on that reflect your path of life - the aches and pains, emotions, obstacles and so on.


You connect the forest with your primal source, your base, your soul, your nature, your intuition and your karma, family history and so on.  

The acorns, the nuts reflect the opportunities, possibilities and the fertile opportunities that you have experienced or will experience - it is your past, present and future.

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