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Butterfly Dream Picture

Published on 14 August 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about a butterfly tells you about transformation, change, letting go of the old and pulling the new towards you. As it were, you are undergoing some kind of transformation towards a new way of thinking and a new way of life, and approach. Another explanation is to find peace and quiet. 


Another explanation is the need to adapt to your environment. Another explanation is, creativity, romance, fun and spirituality in your life. Yet another explanation is that the butterfly represents reincarnation and rebirth in your life. Butterfly dreams and visions are about the connection with the higher energy, the universe and the higher purpose in your life; you can also think of spiritual growth and development and seeing or experiencing signals.

Dreams and visions about catching a butterfly tell you about the awareness, the need to bring nature to you, as well as to bring transformation, acceptance and creativity to you. You want to keep control over something to let go. You experience changes that you cannot control, manage or enforce.


Dreams and visions about a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly literally tells you that you are transforming, changing, incarnation, purpose of life, soul growth and loosening old unhealthy habits. Getting rid of your old house, your inner personality has changed. You can also think of waking up from a rest (hibernation) period. You are almost ready to spread your wings towards what you really want. The transformation between caterpillar and butterfly indicates growth and development on a personal level and leaving behind what was; you are going to get ready for the unknown. 

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