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Boat Dream picture

Published on 7 August 2019 at 07:00

A dream or vision about a boat means progress, new opportunities and fruitful plans in your life. You are on your way to new opportunities in your life; but you must remember that this still needs some attention. The boat also represents victory over old problems that you leave behind. 


Dreams and visions of a yacht stand for wealth, pleasure and luxury, ease, victory and happiness on your new life path. You are working on fruitful plans that will get you high. You are not worried and strive for a life of convenience and luxury. This dream or vision can also indicate an unconscious desire to make more time available for recreation and holidays. Maybe you should take it easy for a while.


Cruise ship dreams or visions are about wealth, prosperity, happiness of other people and an abundance of new opportunities in your life. The cruise ship also stands for old problems that you leave behind and new opportunities that can come into your life.

A ship that appears in your dream or vision also tells you about new opportunities and fruitful plans that can work out big. Here, too, you should not forget that you still have to pay attention to the ideas in order to make them a success. Another explanation is that the ship represents the baggage from the past. You take more from the past than you think or want into your life.

A dream about having a breakdown or shipwreck therefore means setbacks on your way to the new opportunities in your life; obstacles you have to overcome to get to the coast. Another explanation is that halfway through the journey you have decided to take a different course in your life.

The boat, or the cruise ship, takes us to a new future that we must navigate with the waves of life.

Calm water in your dream or vision tells you that you have calm water to reach your goal in your life with your boat.

Troubled water in your dream or vision tells you about experiencing the turmoil and imbalance of your purpose in your life.

Sailing in the dark indicates that you currently do not know how everything will go or will go in life, you have no vision of the future, but you also have the feeling that you can no longer go back to the past.

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