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Street Dream Picture

Published on 10 July 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions on a street, road, path, sidewalk tells you that the inner or outer journey follows you, the speed of the road you walk, bicycle, ride depends on the amount of roadwork you encounter. You may also be delayed. If you succeed with speed, success will come your way.


Another explanation is that the road, street, path, sidewalk, fire and power represent in your life and the way you approach and walk the journey you are making. In this type of dream or vision, pay close attention to how the road unfolds to you - any bump or obstacle indicates the inner learning points.

Dreams and visions of a street, road, path, sidewalk, street tell you something about the way you want to organize your life; you can also think of the spiritual journey you are on - your mindset is reflected here. It reflects the development of your life and / or your situation, but especially how it develops in your opinion.


A curvy and bumpy road, path, sidewalk or street in your dream or vision tells you about the many hurdles and setbacks you will face before you reach the goal, the higher the mountain the more effort you need to make, or the sharper the bend the harder the unexpected problems. You are faced with unexpected difficulties and setbacks that you have to overcome so that you are much stronger afterwards than you would expect now.

If the road, path, sidewalk or street is dark in your dream or vision, this tells you that you do not yet have a clear view of the situation in your life, you do not know where this can lead to and you have no control over it about. Another explanation is experiencing dark or terrifying choices that you have made in life that are not good for you.

A road, path, sidewalk or street, with traffic lights or an intersection in your dream or vision tells you to be patient with your wishes and your journey; think carefully about finding your way of life.


Dreams or visions of a road, path, sidewalk, street going towards a junction tell you something about the degree of control you have over the direction in which your life is going. So you can choose whether you want to turn left or right, continuing on the same road is of course also a possibility.

Dreams or visions of a shopping street tell you about the direction you want to take in life, the choices you make, the opportunities that come your way. Another explanation is that you make an inner or outer journey and that you are looking for properties, possibilities or finding your true self. Another explanation is that a shopping street represents your heart, your true self and the path you follow; what you have left behind and what is still to come, so pay close attention to the kind of shops that pass you in the shopping street, because this gives you insight.

Are you lost in a shopping street in your dream or vision then it tells you that your heart is lost, you have to make choices, you are looking, your true self does not know the right answers, listen to your heart and you will find the answer, the fact that you are lost can be related to both the past and the present.

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