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Puzzle Dream Picture

Published on 6 July 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about a puzzles,riddle, brain teaser, word search, represent brain fantasies that you try to make clear, as it were. You put the lives or situation together; the mental challenge that you do not / hardly ever put together in your waking life.


It indicates the obstacles, the pieces that do not fit together indicate the trouble and problems.

The puzzle, riddle, brain teaser, word search reflects your phase of life, your situation, your soul, your past life the influence it has on your waking life. The words that appear, the images that appear, indicate what you can get started with in your life.

In addition, a puzzle brain teaser, riddle, word search reflects the decisions you make, what do I want in life, what not, who or what belongs to my heart, deepest core and so on. The missing pieces reflect information, knowledge, skills, experience that you do not possess but would like to have and / or need in the life and situation you are in. The puzzle riddle, brain teaser, word search reflects thoughts, feelings and emotions and advances your soul, your pure me, your base and / or your core. 


An alternative explanation is that the puzzle represents a form of communication with the higher aspect, spiritual connection with guides, helpers, supporter, gods, angels and / or that you want to be connected to. The puzzle, riddle, word search, brain breaker, also shows growth and development that you as a conscious person have not yet clearly experienced so that your subconscious can get started. Pay close attention to what kind of puzzle it is, it tells you a lot about what you can get started with.

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