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Cleaning Dream Picture

Published on 10 June 2019 at 11:46

Cleaning up and cleaning in your dream or vision tells you that you are releasing old problems, emotions, pain and sadness. You are going to restructure and rearrange your life better or so that new opportunities can come your way. 

Dreams or visions about cleaning up and cleaning also tells you that you are finishing things up and trying to gain insight into your life, solve it, explain it, think it over and get an overview.


Another explanation is that cleaning and tidying reflect the brushing away of problems, choices, opinions, unhealthy patterns and so on. Make everything look better than it really is. It can reflect some form of shame towards the outside world and / or yourself. An alternative explanation is the energetic (spiritual) clearing of unhealthy negative energy. Cleaning up and cleaning soul lessons, karma, past lives, house cleaning, banish negative things from your life.


Yet another explanation is that you are (spiritually) energetic cleaning yourself, healing, healing and connecting with your guides and helpers through which you can attract new things in your life.

The product and / or the location where you are cleaning, cleaning up tells you a lot about the topic you are currently working on in life and / or what can let go.

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