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Abyss Dream Picture

Published on 5 June 2019 at 14:00

Dreaming or seeing a vision of an abyss tells you that there is an obstacle to overcome in your life. Sometimes it is something that you thought you had left behind for a long time, but you have clearly not yet processed it and this keeps you from inner growth. The obstacle or abyss can create anxious feelings. 


You are afraid or unsure about what you will discover and what you keep hidden from yourself and other people. Each layer of the abyss reflects part of your journey, yourself and your past; everything that was, every lesson of life, every bump and all imperfections.


Turning away from an abyss in your dream or vision tells you to close your eyes to the facts, problems, feelings, and emotions in your life, preventing you from facing the world and your life openly and honestly.


Dreams or visions of looking into an abyss tell you that you will bravely encounter your problems in your life. You are strong and you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone. If you fall into the abyss in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are no longer in control of the problems and that you are going down or have gone down in your life; you will have to start over. 

Dreams and Visions about descending tells you about the way you are in life right now. You are looking for things from your past; you look at it again, as it were. An alternative explanation is going back, longing for what was, becoming aware of the fact that ..... Get an overview and want to find answers.


Another explanation is that you dig, examine in all layers of your consciousness, your soul, your life and / or your previous life. Depending on how you descend the abyss determines the degree of control and insights, experience and awareness of the fact. Yet another explanation is that you bravely take your problems into your life and are even willing to dig deeper, more intensively into yourself and / or the situation before you take new steps in life.

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