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Car dream picture

Published on 1 June 2019 at 11:58

Dreams or visions about a car tell you about the inner changes, positive new opportunities that you will experience through new choices. During these changes, your emotions, your relationship, your questions, your social, obstacles and inner problems are often viewed and / or revised.

Another explanation is that the car reflects your soul colors, your source, your base, your start and your end point. as it were you are the car, the journey and the unknown. The car tells you how far you are on the journey, or where you are going to work; it tells you that what you really want, your true heart follows the new direction. Dreams and visions about a car tell you a lot about yourself, what you want and how you are in life and / or the situation you are in. You can also think of finding your way of life, soul purpose and so on.


When you see a car in your dream or vision it tells you that you are busy making a journey in your life. Another explanation is that the car stands for awareness: what choices can I make, what do I want, is this the right choice? An alternative explanation is that you consciously close something, leave behind, or do not want to experience something anymore. So you look back at the journey you no longer want to experience.

If your car is stolen, or if someone drives it off, it tells you that you are struggling to successfully complete a wish, dream, new idea, change or project. Another explanation is that you have no control over your new wishes and that you feel that your plans are not realistic enough. Another explanation is that you are dealing with setbacks, opposition and obstacles that you cannot overcome now

A "45 kilometer car" in your dream or vision tells something about slow and questionable progress in your wishes, dreams, projects and inner growth. You try to get a grip on your environment and you slowly achieve success.

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