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Window Dream Picture

Published on 22 May 2019 at 17:28

Dreams or a vision about a window tell you about having hope, a view and an insight into a situation, but also weighing up the possibilities. Visions and dreams about looking in the window are about self-reflection, examining your soul, wanting to see your self and becoming aware.


A window reflects your connection with the outside world, with everything that is experienced outside yourself; but be viewed from within yourself. In other words, how you look into the world from your heart, your core, your base, your soul comes in through the window.

Visions and dreams about broken windows tell you about adversity, shame, no trust and opposition. Another explanation is that your personal or spiritual side has been damaged and broken, the soul is damaged and broken. Yet another explanation is that a broken window represents the challenges and obstacles in your life.

Dreams and visions about looking out the window tell you that you want to take a look at your life, to see your consciousness, a point of view, but also to explore your intuition and your true self. Another explanation is that the window stands for looking for help, guidance, support in making a decision and / or a choice. Yet another explanation is that looking out in a dream or vision is mirroring your true self, mirroring what you feel and / or how you are in life or the situation. The window gives you an idea of ​​how you look at yourself and everything around you.


Dreams or visions about closed or closed windows tell about desolation, loneliness, shame and displeasure. Another explanation is that you limit yourself to attract a new vision, do not want to look at things differently and / or deprive yourself of new opportunities and possibilities. Not wanting any help and / or experiencing the feeling that it is all dark and negative; not seeing that it can be done differently and so on.


Dreams and visions about a colored or darkened window indicate a need for privacy and your way of getting it. Do not forget that there is also shame, often you want to keep character traits of yourself hidden. Yet another explanation is that a colored window in your dream or vision also represents a completely different way of living and viewing things. A new vision, seeing the rose glasses and / or opportunities where others see no opportunities and / or possibilities, thinking Out Of The Box. An alternative explanation is that you have discovered new character traits and that you want to share them with the outside world and especially with yourself.

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