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City dream picture

Published on 5 May 2019 at 09:49

When you dream or have a vision of a city, it tells you about the feeling of a need for warmth, social activities, the security of your community, your personal boundaries and the basis that you naturally inherit. Another explanation is that you open or close your heart, love, your youth or your personal limits.

An important explanation is the reflection and reflection of yourself, your true heart and inner self and especially the part that is really very personal and close to you.


When you dream or have a vision that you are in an abandoned city, it tells you that you no longer feel at home in the current situation and you need to investigate why this is. It does not tell you that your place of residence is not sufficient, but mainly to start over and want to be happy, both internally and externally.

Another explanation indicates the need to sharpen your personal boundaries. Another important explanation is that you experience an empty feeling in your heart, you cannot make a choice because you simply do not have the energy to take action or listen to your heart, your feelings and emotions.


If you feel alienated in the busy city, it tells you about the experience of being rejected or rejected by those around you, but especially about the difficulty of letting go and choosing yourself in the life. Another explanation is that you have lost yourself, your true heart is lost. You must remember that you always project yourself on the city so you reflect your true and deepest feelings.

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