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Teeth Dream Picture

Published on 1 May 2019 at 20:42

Dreams or visions about seeing your teeth tell you about how to happen, prevent and communicate in life. Another explanation is that teeth represent shame and the unknown that comes to you.

Another explanation is that you have no strength, you feel powerless or powerless, you experience stress and you have to pay attention to your bad habits.

If you have beautiful white teeth in a dream, this tells you that you are on the right track and have a healthy way of communicating and living. You have no negative energy, and you overcome everything because you feel good and are going to be successful.

Dreams or visions in which your teeth fall out of your mouth tell you about gloom and ill health, stress and negative habits that you cannot master. But shame can also be part of your setback. Another explanation is therefore the inability to make things succeed.

Dreams or visions that you have no teeth tell you about the inability to achieve your goals and achieve your interests. Another explanation is that of sex appeal and shame and especially stress that you do not master, and the negative habits that you have not overcome.

Pulling your teeth in your dream or vision tells you that you have become aware or are becoming of your bad habits, shame and unhealthy lifestyle. You remove the rotten and negative habits from your daily life and these will make way for new energy and possibilities.

Keeping your teeth drawn in your dream or vision tells you that you have consciously overcome stress, problems, emotions and shame, but that you have not yet overcome the problem yourself, you want to keep the old habits with you for a while.

Dreams or visions when you eat something that makes your teeth fall out are a reference to strength, you feel lifeless, weak, tired and do not enjoy a situation. You have not overcome your problems, your negative habits, stress, problems, emotions, goals and inability are now removed from your daily life and grind.


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