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Rainbow dream picture

Published on 29 April 2019 at 20:57

A rainbow in your dream or vision tells you about hope, success and happiness in the form of money, fame, and fame in your life. The rainbow is a bridge between your earthly self and the higher spiritual life path that you can walk. It represents the loved ones, overwhelming happiness and cooperation that you can experience together.

Another explanation is that the rainbow also reflects the unknown, that which is not yet visible, tangible but not yet in your life and / or the situation you are in. Yet another explanation is that the rainbow reflects your soul colors, your source, your base, your true self. Seeing different possibilities and opportunities, thinking out of the box, seeing it through the eyes of a child - letting go and admitting the unknown.


Are you looking for the beginning of the rainbow then it tells you about the search for happiness, wealth, spirituality and faith; you are looking for the beginning of a new path. Yet another explanation is that the rainbow seek the inner search for your source, your base, purpose for life, fate and so on.

Spiritual explanation of the rainbow is the connection (signals) with soul mates, twin souls, soul groups and so on. Awareness of the fact that from the universe and / or guides, helpers, gods and goddesses, elemental beings and / or that with which you are connected, signals come to you. 

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