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Baby Dream Picture

Published on 24 April 2019 at 10:55

The baby or infant in your dream or vision tells about innocence, warmth and a new beginning in life. It also tells you about fertility in both a relationship and in a new project, wishes and ideas in your life.


An alternative explanation is that deep down there is a casual, open, honest, pure and above all vulnerable personality who wants to express himself. The inner child, innocence and playfulness. The baby reflects the beginning of everything, the start, the basics and what is to come - everything has to grow your wishes, your dreams, your projects, your relationships and so on.

If you have a dream or a vision that you are on your way to the hospital to give birth, it tells you that your dreams, wishes and ideas can become realistic, you get ready, or you are aware of the way to the birth of a new project or new phase of life.

Another explanation is that there is a need for dependency and for being cared for yourself. An alternative explanation is that a birth represents a new me, a new phase and a different view of life and / or the situation you are in.

If the baby in your dream or vision is injured, it tells you about emotional damage and mental physical setbacks, and ends the fruitful collaboration that was in its infancy. Yet another explanation is that you have to review your plans, your wishes. Another important explanation is that there may be processing and trauma. This could be related to pregnancies, death, stillbirths and so on. But you can also think of fears about pregnancy, postnatal depression, past life memories and / or awareness of the fact that your life changes and so on.

If the baby is born in your dream or vision, this means new opportunities, new ideas and insights for old problems and overcome obstacles. The birth of projects, wishes, dreams, ideas, and possibilities present themselves in your life. Another explanation is that the birth of a baby also reflects the awareness of the fact that you are pregnant and / or having a baby, Daddy, Mommy.

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