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Easter Dream Picture

Published on 21 April 2019 at 08:59

Dreams and Visions in which Easter occurs tells you something about the connection with the spiritual, the higher, awareness, your soul and your personal growth and development. In a way you find your own strength, you reinvent yourself or you learn to look at things from a different perspective. and other explanation is experiencing the connection with faith, rebirth and incarnation,

resurrection and survival. Dreams and visions about Easter are about the new beginning, the new way, the new me, your first steps towards putting together your life puzzle, dream puzzles and so on.

Dreams or visions about Easter eggs tell you something about fertility, development, life, new ideas and possibilities. But it must be cared for and treated with love. 

The Easter egg connects you with your soul, your life task, your life task and the higher spiritual, god and / or with which you feel connected.

Dreams or visions about an Easter bunny are about spiritual insight and the intuitive, but also take opportunities so that you can get high marks. Another explanation is to beware of negative influences, you are vulnerable and sensitive.

If the hare makes high jumps in your dream or vision, this tells you about confidence, that you have made the right choices and about high jumps that can come across as threatening. But if you also trust your feeling, everything will end up on its feet.      

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