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Battery Dream Picture

Published on 14 April 2019 at 16:17

Dreams and Visions about a battery tells you something about your strength, your power and your energy. A battery literally reflects how you feel physically and mentally. It tells you something about how you deal with everything around you that costs, eats and attracts energy.


Perhaps you are hypersensitive to outside influence or there is no balance between give and take, work and private life and so on.

Battery dreams and visions are a clear indication of burnout, depression and / or imbalance in the broadest sense of the word. The battery also reflects the driving force behind everything, pay attention to whether the battery is full or empty, it tells you a lot about how you can place the dream or vision and how you feel and how you are in life. Another explanation is that battery can indicate libido, sensuality, sex and attraction.


As an alternative explanation, there is a positive energy and negative energy reflected the plus and the minus situation. An addition to the alternative explanation is your battery empty, full or half full / half empty? ... A Battery dream or vision makes you aware that you need to charge yourself on time, take time for yourself, be patient, rest, balance and so on.

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