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Mantra Dream Picture

Published on 11 April 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and Visions about a Mantra tell you about the ability to connect with the higher purpose, your guides, helpers, supporters, god, gods, ascended masters, saints, angels, elemental beings and / or yourself.


A mantra dream or visions reflected relaxation from your innermost being, your soul. Spiritual growth, soul growth and attracting your soul family, soul group, twin soul, soul mates and so on. Another explanation is that you experience change of consciousness and awareness. The creative vibration of god and mother earth Gaya, the birth the unique possibility to attract what you need in life; provided you find the right vibration.

Relaxation, tranquility, being fully in balance and finding the right vibration reflect the mantra as the key to soul success. In addition, mantra dreams and visions also represent past lives, life lessons and karma, the source, your soul pain and emotions that go deeper than your current life.

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