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Candles Dream Picture

Published on 7 April 2019 at 15:44

Candles come in different sizes and shapes; colors and quantities. In your dream or vision, candles have a special spiritual meaning. They have something magical, wonderful and reflect (the way you are in life) how you want to connect or profile yourself.

Candles reflect the light in yourself and in your environment. You are, as it were, the candle; the candle indicates how you feel, how you are in life or situation and / or what you would like.
The candle is also the deep connection with the afterlife, the universe and your deceased loved ones.

Candles in your dreams and visions have so much to tell you - the most important thing is that you mainly listen to what your heart, your intuition has to say! ..

The energy / charge of the dream or vision tells you what your underlying message is. Candles are the light in everything, the light in all dimensions and energy fields, ley lines, vibrations, the extraterrestrial etc ... and therefore so very special that you can dream about it and visions. Enjoy your candles dreams and visions and steel like a pure light full of fire !. A nice dream and vision fact: The size of the candle does not matter, you can dream about a tea light or visions and feel the same energy and charge as with a large candle of one meter.

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