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Bat Dream Picture

Published on 3 April 2019 at 12:13

A dream or vision about a bats tells you that you are experiencing obstacles, problems and minor annoyances and filth. Another explanation is that you must overcome the inner demons, spiritual doubts and problems that take over in your life.

Another explanation is that your current lifestyle no longer suits your new insights and personal growth. Yet another explanation is, the new birth, new opportunities that come to you in your life. An alternative explanation is the need to change old habits. Yet another explanation is that the bat lets you experience a situation that you must blindly follow whether you like it or not. as if you are or have been thrown into the deep and cannot find a way back.

You are challenged to listen to your heart, your base, yourself and, as it were, to trust your own instinct - your inner radar sonar and energy / vibration. As an additional alternative, you may have to deal with the draining of energy, bloodsuckers and negative people around you who are completely in their power and you have no control over this and / or are trying to gain control - no more energy, anemia or burnout, stress and so on.

The bat reflects yourself and your true feeling; how you view the situation, but it also reflects your physical and mental experiences. And as a final alternative, the explanation is that there can be irreversible negative energy, death and rebirth or the overthrow of loved ones.

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