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Train dream picture

Published on 22 March 2019 at 12:17

If you dream or have a vision about a train, tram tells you about growth, development, possibilities but also experiencing the intended new opportunity, an inner and outer journey that you want to make. You decide where you get off from where you stop during your changes in life. Another explanation is experiencing the spiritual or spiritual progress in life.


Dreams or visions of freight trains indicate changes that will benefit you; money and wealth will come your way. Another explanation about goods that you transport by train tells you about the luggage from your present, a past life or from your past. The pent-up emotions, mental problems or even your character traits have not yet been released. Let go of your old pains otherwise you will experience experienced before you can continue your journey.

A dream or vision of a sleeper train tells you that your pursuit of wealth is fueled by the use of selfish principles that you must keep under control. It also tells you that you think you can easily make money or reach your project.


Only a wagon in your dream or vision tells you about difficulties, setbacks and obstacles to overcome. Another explanation is that you do not have the strength and energy to move forward in life, but you do have the wishes to move forward in life, so you have to become aware of your own abilities, strength and possibilities. Another explanation is experiencing a tight-fisted or frugal nature and you are not willing to take risks in life.


An empty and abandoned wagon in your dream or vision tells you about experiencing emptiness, hopelessness, not experiencing courage and strength. Another explanation is experiencing loss and dissatisfaction; you assumed that everything would be fine.

Yet another explanation is that you do not have the right resources or opportunities in your life to make progress, you need to revise your wishes, dreams, ideas and be patient, wait for the right time.

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