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Quiz dream picture

Published on 10 March 2019 at 15:48

Dreams or visions about a quiz tells you that you are looking for answers, and that you indicate that you want help in the search of other people. Another explanation is that you need to become aware of the knowledge required to achieve your goals.


An alternative explanation is that you are in a period of education and learning and that you still need support, as well as confidence, time, possibilities and opportunities. Another possibility is that a quiz stands for self-enrichment, gambling and wanting to take a risk in life; however, the outcome is up to you and can be either positive or negative.

If you are a Quizmaster, playmaker, being a Gamemaker in your dream or vision, this tells you that you check yourself, correct yourself, test yourself, want to point yourself in the right direction and try to make yourself aware of something. Another explanation is that you would like to lecture others, or that you are a good personality to teach people, support them, and point out positive directions.

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