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Trident Dream Picture

Published on 5 March 2019 at 17:28

A trident in a dream or vision tells you that you can conquer everything, see new possibilities, get protection, discover things, and especially an inner journey that you can experience.


From the trident you experience a new energy, power that flows from yourself but that you have not yet discovered or accepted on an unconscious level. Cleaning and cleaning everything that no longer suits you. Another explanation is help and support that flows from your feelings and emotions.

Another explanation is that you can challenge yourself, develop yourself further. Yet another explanation is about the connection to the element of water, the womb of life, the emotions, feelings and fertility.

The trident is a reference to the god or king of the sea Triton and his Father Poseidon and tells you about your creative energy and sensitivity, but also about cooperation and possibilities that result from it. Yet another explanation is that you may connect yourself with higher energy and higher goals (the spiritual or divine in life).

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