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Carnival Dream Picture

Published on 28 February 2019 at 17:42

If you have a dream or vision about celebrating carnival, it tells you that you need to express yourself and enjoy life. You have the feeling that you are not accepted as you are, but by disguising yourself you hope that people will accept you.

Another explanation is that you have to enjoy life, the inner child emerges. Yet another explanation is that carnival stands for the outlet, the release of emotions, the inner fears and your hidden qualities the things that you do not want to show to the outside world but that are there.

Beyond the shame, overcoming all your doubts and without limitations. Yet another important explanation is that Carnival represents wearing a mask, you are honest with yourself and / or your environment.

Do you wear a mask in the situation you are in and / or are there people in your environment who wear a mask. Remove your mask, show your true self to the world, beyond the shame, no more limitations.

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