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Bicycle dream picture

Published on 6 February 2019 at 07:21

Dreams or a vision about cycling tell you about the way of development, about new opportunities and on the way to new things. Another explanation is about the character traits you need to overcome your new plans and obstacles and make them successful.

Yet another explanation is the creative and natural way to quietly get to the end of your wishes, dreams and ideas. The speed at which you cycle tells how quickly you will achieve the new in your life.


Dreams or a vision of seeing a bicycle tell you that you will have opportunities in a natural and not materialistic way and of success in the future.

If you fall off the bicycle during your dream or vision, then this also tells you about setbacks and financial or materialistic problems that must first be overcome. They are often small things that you fall over when you are cycling in a dream or vision, so you may have to make fewer demands.

A bicycle with a child seat or basket in your dream or vision tells you that the luggage you take with you may be necessary for the new opportunities and for an inner journey. But it can also mean that you cannot leave behind the past and then often childlike behavior, the inner child or even the desire for parental love.


Dreams or a vision about a cargo bike also tell you something about taking unnecessary luggage with you, making the journey much more difficult than it should be. The cargo bike tells part of your character traits, your mistakes that you carry with you, making everything that is possible or impossible, or delaying your life.

Visions or dreams in which you see a recumbent bicycle tell you something about the ease with which wishes and dreams will come true. Another explanation is that you are sometimes too easy going, reckless when it comes to your future and your wishes.

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