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Knight dream picture

Published on 25 January 2019 at 14:01

Dreams and visions in which you are a knight tell you strength, courage, perseverance, leadership. You are, as it were, the knight in the dream or vision. You correct yourself, help yourself find the right path again - support yourself and so on.

Another important explanation is that a knight represents history, what has been, past life and / or old memories that are an important part of the situation or your life.

Another important explanation is the connection to your rights and obligations and how you can implement a plan in life. It also tells you that you have exceeded your own rights and obligations. You have literally walked past your own limit and may therefore now be in doubts, difficulties, obstacles, emotions, feelings, negative situation and experiences.

An alternative explanation is that the knight can also represent a catastrophe, about corpses. The knight is connected to the masculine energy that can also come across as a threat - to both yourself and everyone involved.

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