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Hair dream picture

Published on 17 January 2019 at 11:16

Dreams or visions about your hair are about your sexuality, vanity, sensuality, passion and your appearance. The hair tells a lot: about your personality and your appearance; the way of hairdressing is therefore very important; is your hair neatly combed or tangled, do you have short hair or long, this tells how you feel at the moment.


Long hair in your dream or vision tells you about maternal or paternal feelings, the warmth, but also the urge to take care of someone or yourself. Another explanation is that you would like to love someone, or be loved, that the house tree has little feelings.

If your hair is updo, in a bun or confused, it tells you about insecurity and confusion in love, relationship, work situation, or home situation, but you may also not think clearly. Short hair in your dream or vision tells you that the feminine and masculine energy is in balance, good ideas and possibilities are coming your way. You know exactly what you are looking for and how to get there.

If you cut your hair in your dream or vision, it tells you about loss of strength and confidence. Another explanation is that you have lost part of your personality, feeling, ideas, possibilities or character. The other side of the explanation is that you consciously let go, change and adapt things in your life. An alternative explanation is that you are currently listening to your ratio and not to your true feeling (the heart).

If you are combing or brushing your hair in your dream or vision, you are telling this that you are researching and evaluating new ideas and views. You are sorting things out in a situation. Another explanation is the awareness of your sexuality, male and female strength.

If you smell your hair in your dream or vision, it tells you about sexual attraction, changes, arousal and need for sexual stimulation.

If someone touches your hair in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are trying to reach someone on a spiritual, soul and / or loved level. Desire for security, maternal or paternal love are important in your life right now.

Dreaming or visions about baldness, losing hair tells you to let go of old stuck patterns and habits. Another explanation is feeling the loss of your sexuality, male and female strength - experiencing an imbalance between who you are and who you want to be. Uncertainty, shame and fear are touched when you lose your hair in your dream.

Dreams or visions about losing hair while you are actually dealing with this in your waking life; tells you about becoming aware of the fact that it is so - fear, sadness, emotions, feelings, stress and burnout, illness and so on influence this.

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