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Snow dream picture

Published on 12 January 2019 at 10:09

Snow in your dream or vision tells you about inhibitions, repressed emotions and feelings that you carry with you in life; you are very cold and chilly right now. You should let yourself go and try to express all those emotions. Another explanation is that you can feel indifferent, lonely or ignored by other people.


Snow in your dream or vision also releases and removes old unhealthy patterns, you transfer your feelings and emotions to the higher universe, spirit, your guides, helpers so that you can close the situation and / or the year. In addition, snow also stands for play and the inner child, wonder and the unexpected in your life. Will you allow it? .. or will you stick to your old patterns. Enjoy the opportunity to take on challenges that you don't know how it will run, play and see it through the eyes of a child.

When the snow melts, your dream or vision tells you that you are consciously becoming the repressed emotions and you are giving them a place in your life. You overcome your limitations and difficulties and get rid of your cold and / or unwanted behavior.


If the snow is dirty in your dream or vision, it tells you about the loss of your innocence, uncleanness and dirt; you can now relax by expressing yourself. Part of your personality has been hit and tries to climb back into life.

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