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Vloer Dream Picture

Published on 14 December 2018 at 17:45

Dreams or visions in which you look at the floor tell you about your base, your family, your family, your karma, your past, the way you view things, judged and so on. Another explanation is the reflection of your feelings for direction and the pursuit of your goals, an inner and outer journey that is possible in life.


You will find the opportunities, the considerations and the possibilities on the road you follow. Another explanation is that you are walking your life path and exploring the possibilities. The way you are currently in life or the situation is reflected on the floor.


A bumpy or uneven floor in your dream or vision tells you about the many hurdles and setbacks you will face before you reach the goal, the higher the mountain the more effort you need to put in, or the bumpier, uneven the tide the harder the unexpected problems.

You are faced with unexpected difficulties and setbacks that you have to overcome so that you are much stronger afterwards than you would expect now. Another explanation is that you can put the puzzle pieces together, you see the challenge in the basis of the life story or your situation.

If you are laying a floor in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are busy filling in everything that was present or present in your life. Give a new place, organize it, rebuild everything and work on a good foundation. Ensuring a stable opportunity, stable opportunities, stable life, stable situation.

Another explanation is that you are putting all the puzzle pieces together and that you get a new vision. Thanks to new knowledge and skills, you are able to view and assess everything differently from a different point of view.


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