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Little Red Riding Hood dream picture

Published on 11 July 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about Little Red Riding Hood tell you that the inner child may be expressed. Purity, cleanliness, honesty, innocence, not to mention being sincere. Another explanation is that some things are not what they seem, appearances are deceptive, and difficulties sometimes come unexpectedly. 

Dreams and visions about Little Red Riding Hood are about transformation, change and acceptance. That which is hidden, secret from perhaps both yourself and your environment. In addition, little red riding hood can also represent the path of life, the road you have left behind and the unknown that is yet to come.

The wolf in your dream or vision tells you about the dark, fears, sadness, and accepting this. You can also see it as the experienced negative part of your character. The pent-up emotions and desires. But also experiencing anger and aggression that needs to be expressed in order to start over and / or forgive yourself and everyone involved.

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