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Influencer and teenage dreams

Published on November 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Teenagers stand with two legs between the dream worlds, they are also connected to many incentives, influence and experiences. As a child dreaming, teenagers no longer have daydreams. They do not yet have the connection that teenagers have with dreams, daydreams, meditations, visualisations as adults.

Marjan do teenagers dream differently from children and adults?

Yes they dream, visions also different, less intensive as children, but more deeply connected from outside stimuli. The hormones and finding yourself makes sure that you dream more colorfully as a teenager. In addition, the teenage brains are not yet fully developed, which in turn also influences the brake sleep and the intensity of the dream, vision world.

For teenagers, dreams are much more realistic, for various reasons.

In the first instance, they do not yet have the life experience to be able to recognize and place certain things. "Many things occur for the first time".
They still have difficulty recognizing reality and fantasy, pain and sadness love, arguing, etc. from the deepest core of the teenage soul. As it were, they wake up from childhood regardless of how it went.

They are deeply connected with influencers, friends, acquaintances, etc. who have an exemplary function.
The teenage brain and teenage life are formed, when you sleep as a teenager you process where your daily life does as an adult does. Only there is not yet the experience and the logical link that will be placed if you have life experience.

Teenagers dream much more intensely than adults.

The first changes also take place when you are sleeping as a teenager, the first brutal experiences, collisions, discovering yourself take place when you are sleeping. The sensitive (HSP, new Time Child, ADHD and so on) moments are consciously experienced for as a teenager during your meditations, intuition, visualizations, manifestations and dreams.
A nice teen fact is that a Brake Up dream can also be almost literally explained as the processing of the first Brake Up experience. Teenage dreams, visions, are therefore translated differently than with children and / or adults. 
Another nice thing you know is that the human brain is fully developed after your 23rd; until that time your dreams, visions, meditations, manifestations, visualization, etc. will remain more intensive. 
Another fun teenage dream is that teenagers are only too keen to be dream adults, want to belong dreamily, want to be themselves and therefore ask good and often many dream questions, look up dream statements and so on.

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop Founder and blogger


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