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Dream Trainer

Do you want to know everything about dreams, visions, daydreams, dream meditations, soul experiences and mindfulness and so on. I share my knowledge and experience through dream training.
I am an experienced and certified dream trainer and coach, I help people in the field of dreams, visions, daydreaming, sleeping, soul development and mindfulness work on yourself so that you can take big steps towards what you want in life.

how as a specialist training you can get started with dreams, visions and soul messages in a good, conscious, pure and professional way with unique results. Do you want to know everything around it in addition to the unique special dreams and visions knowledge?

Dream Extra is a piece of unique information that helps you and supplements personal growth and development. A little piece of dream training from a spiritual and psychological support that you can't find anywhere else !.

In addition, I regularly write a blog about dreams, sleep, visions and training in the broadest sense of the word with inspiration, exercises, assignments and additions to existing information.