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Dream away, visions, dozing off who doesn't? You probably recognize it !. But how often do you do it? ... Think how often do you take the time to daydream ?.

Daydreaming is not only connected to the creativity of your imagination, your purity, your childlike energy, it is deeply connected to all your soul's desires, your source, your basis, your growth and development as a person.

It connects you with your true self, it strengthens your manifestations, visualizations and meditations, creating a great combination between attracting what your heart is longing and the life you have right now.

Why is daydreaming so important?

It not only brings you closer to your wishes, your desires, but also your soul, your source, your basis and your life's mission. In addition, daydreaming helps you relax, clear up obstacles, experiences, and so on. You clean up, you give it a place and thereby create space in your life / mind. You relax your body, your head, your soul, your base, your source comes to rest at the moment of dreaming.


Daydreaming connects all soul facets together and then you can think of the childish pure fantasy, manifestations, visualizations and meditations that flow completely and touch exactly what you need right now. Daydreaming is not only important for the processing of the past, but even without daydreaming no new dreams, wishes and desires arise.

Daydreaming exercise

Daydreaming and the inner silence can be deafening. Be frightening and intensive; so take time to become quiet by first relaxing and allowing the silence. Find a place in and around your house where you can be yourself, "For daydreaming, you have to be yourself."
Computer, telephone, radio, TV, clock, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy flowing from outside. Create an atmosphere where you can fully relax; it may be that you want to burn incense, listen to meditation / nature music and so on.
Sit upright with your feet on the floor (bare feet), back straight; this way you stay daydreaming active, aware and yet relaxed.
Empty your mind and start relaxing fifteen minutes of daydreaming ... .... Each time you practice this, you can daydream and be quiet longer and experience more daydream answers / soul music.
Pay close attention to your breathing and let it flow from your stomach at a calm level - breathe in and breathe out gently.
Notice that you relax well and that the daydreams in your head / body start to sing into a beautiful whole, they form images and new energy.
Try not to pay too much attention to the thoughts that will play in your head / body. Don't rule it out but let it flow into a whole. Keep it under control because daydreaming does not come with words - exercise beard art.
After fifteen minutes you will return quietly, take the time for this! .. write down the experience that you have during daydreaming, if necessary! ... let the words touch the paper and not your thoughts !. Let the daydreams flow through and experience the beautiful daydream energy.
Give yourself a compliment when you're done with your airy daydream moment - feel the energy flowing again, the connection growing again, the inspiration coming again and so on. You will see that everything comes to you more easily and / or that you are more relaxed than before.

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