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Dream Affirmation


What is affirmation? ..... an active sentence that supports your mindfulness; a challenging choice of words that turns a situation into something that suits you better. It is a mind set because to attract what you want.
It is to turn your thought around and put it in a new light "Give your brain a boost". It is actually very much and it often combined with Visualization, meditation and "Fake it until you make it" manifestation.

 It is short, strong, energetic, uplifting; it is never a question it is a confirmation from your intuition, your heart, your source, your basis. It is your own words, your own energy that not only give you a good feeling but also send as an order to the universe, god and / or with which you are connected.
Avoid doubting sentences, I would like, ... if possible, .... if possible .... Avoid words that take away strength; I don't want to be fat anymore, so you actually say that you want to be fat.

Years ago I once made a list with positive affirmations and shared this several times with "see my blog posts". My knowledge now shows that this is beyond its goal. The words only flow with my own energy and not with your own! ... So that's why I don't share a list even more so I share my new knowledge that flows with choosing your own words so that you achieve the highest result.

That does not mean that my blog post is not relevant "yes, you can get inspiration here, but make it your own sentences". 

Affirmation exercise

Step 1

Write down your dream affirmation in a diary and / or notebook and so on. Sit comfortably, relax upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or just slightly opened. Breathe in deeply and slowly a few times. This way you naturally relax deeper. Your attention remains clear and alert and you write down words that appear spontaneously in your mind. "Keep it short, concise, powerful and positive".
  For example you can think of "My life is magical, wonderful and abundant". You can also think about. I'm a great ... ... fill in yourself .... I am ready to receive. Today will be a beautiful day !.

Step 2

Take in your dream affirmation! ... relax and say it clearly and honestly from your heart !. Avoid repetition, say it no more than 3 times, because then the effect will go off. Focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart. If you find yourself distracted, release the distraction and bring your attention back to the breath in the here and now. Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state while your heart's wish appears.

Step 3

The most difficult step is to have faith that it really is! Many people go wrong here. It is a matter of letting go, letting go and letting go again. Once you have put down the energy you must have the confidence that it will actually happen. You are in the process of the Becomming!

  Step 4

There's work to be done! Visualize, meditate, daydream and manifest