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Dream Diary

You may be looking for answers in life, you want to know what your dreams and visions have to tell you, your subconscious mind knows, but you do not yet know exactly how to handle it or get it clear.

How often does it happen that you don't remember, let alone what it all means or that you can't remember the dream at the end of the day? ....
Then you can easily and simply keep a dream diary up to date; it will only take you a few minutes to write or type a day., You can also think of drawing, painting and pasting ... Make it something personal it reflects your entire process, your growth and your development and it is fun to do also, what more do you want !.

 Why a dream diary works so great !.

It connects you with yourself
Reduce stress and burn-out complaints
(Re) discover yourself (spiritually)
It is creative and fun
It is an inner journey
Better sleep, better sleep and even improved energy
You can find the hidden answers.
Connect with your soul, soul assignments, your guides, universe, your source and / or with which you feel the connection.

Let's get started! ..

As you explore your dreams or visions, you find out what they mean and you gain insight into your life and why you respond as you respond, or what your deepest desires are that you have not yet found.
Who knows, you might discover even more secrets that are hidden in yourself, so that you can find a new personality and hidden "I".
You really get to know yourself and you are working on your own development in a creative personal way without being a heavy subject .... it is not an obligation but fun and creative. 

Step 1

Buy or create a nice notebook, diary that suits your personal preferences!
Pencil, Pen, colors, markers, paint and so on;
Magazines, pictures, folding papers, glitter and so on.
That which you like, that which appeals to you.
Make a sleep tracker and / or mood tracker "you can think of colors or numbers from high to low".
Create a Bed time routine "what things to do before going to sleep", brushing your teeth, reading a book and so on
Wake Up routine "What things will you do when you wake up". brushing your teeth, peeing, having breakfast, etc.
Create a calendar element - the day, month, year.
You can also think of location tracker
Title element! ... Give your dream a name ....

Step 2

 Before you go to sleep, get your pen and diary
ready so that you can describe the dream immediately when you are awake the next morning. Since you cannot remember a dream for a very long time, it is important that you write it down or type it immediately, because after a few hours you no longer know what happened.

Step 3

 Write out your entire dream right away. It is important that you only write down the dream as you can remember it and that you make up nothing to make the story longer or more fun. The supplemented information cannot be interpreted and is therefore not based on the truth.

Step 4

After writing down your dream, leave one (part of the) page blank or keep another page available for the implementation !. On this you will later work out and explain the (when it suits you) dream.