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Dream Visualization

Visualization or to be seen with your mind's eye. As if it is already present in your life !. Make your dream realistic and tangible, tangible, give it a place in the future so that you can work towards it.
Visualization is different from fantasizing; it only works if you are really prepared to leave the past behind. Burning ships, breaking old patterns and being prepared to really do anything about it !.
"Ask yourself". How much do you want it ?. Are you willing to climb the mountain on your knees, or is that a No Go Zone ?.
Letting go and having faith, the unconditional knowledge that it will actually happen is a must for successful visualization.
It is not that easy yet, your dreams do not just become tangible and do not just come your way. You really have to do something for it, whether or not you have the ultimate conviction that it can just go.
You have to go further where others stop, find the holes in the web, you find the chances where others get anxious.
Visualizing goes hand in hand with daydreaming, manifesting, meditating and affirmation. These forms are connected to each other and together combine the ultimate success. Independently of each other, they are "no less important". Visualization is a great opportunity to grow and develop as a soul and so forth from your deepest desire, heart-centered life. 

Dream Visualization exercise

Step 1 Awareness of the fact that .....

Write your heartfelt wish in a diary and / or notebook and so on. Sit comfortably, relax upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or just slightly opened. Breathe in deeply and slowly a few times. This way you naturally relax deeper. Your attention remains clear and alert.
Focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart. If you find yourself distracted, release the distraction and bring your attention back to the breath in the here and now. Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state while your heart's wish appears. See it before you touch your heart's desire, feel it touch your skin and so on.

Step 2 Fake it until you make it.

Feel it, see it, smell it, experience it as if you really are there. As an example you can think of "for example I want to become a writer". Imagine the book as if it had already been published. Scroll through the book, feel the page, touch the words with your fingers. Smell it, hear people say your name, see it in stores. Take the book off the shelf, see people checkout and so on. Make it as if it already is !. Live it.

Step 2 Let go

The most difficult step is to have faith that it really is! Many people go wrong here. It is a matter of letting go, letting go and letting go again. Once you have put down the energy you must have the confidence that it will actually happen. You are in the process of Becomming!

Step 3 Work on the store!

Affirm, meditate, daydream and manifest