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Balanced dreams

Published on 10 July 2020 at 07:00

You probably already knew that each country has its own energy. But did you also know that this affects your own dreams, sleep, meditation vibration and the way you live and / or react and act.

The country in which you were born is therefore a conscious choice, and that also applies to the country in which you are adopted. When you go on holiday abroad, you bring dream energy with you and with this, the connection is made from this point. Partner and relationship dreams


The difference between the city and the village, countryside, forest or sea also affects your dreams and the vibration with which you connect. Whether this synchronizes and / or embraces your dreams, visions, meditations is of course the question? So take the time to prepare yourself but especially to connect yourself to the energy vibration of the country or location.


Connect yourself to the vibration of the country or location!
So that you sleep better, dream, relax and meditate.


That also applies to moving (emigration) abroad; you do this for a reason. So you may be able to learn, bring or experience something new regardless of the underlying reason. So in the beginning you can experience strange dreams, visions, meditations that feel strange and / or that touch you very deeply. How you experience this is of course personal and it can be both positive and negative. Dreams open the door to growth


"Good preparation is half the battle", always gather as much information about the country, location and so on.

Exercise to be better in dreaming 




Step 1

Sit comfortably, relax upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or slightly open. Breathe deeply and slowly a few times. This automatically relaxes you deeper. Your attention remains clear and alert. Focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart, the environment, starry sky and / or the moon. When you find yourself distracted, let go of the distraction and bring your attention back to the breath in the here and now.




Step 2

Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state while soil appears in front of your earth. See it before you touch it, feel the ground, slip the earth through your fingertips, feel it touch your skin, put your hand in the ground and leave an imprint. Feel the connection you have with the earth and let your handprint flow while you let everything (the old- where you came from) flow into the earth, as it were! Look at it lovingly and let it go. Watch it pour into the ground and heal your handprint as you interact with the vibration of the land, location, and so on.




Step 3

Take this status of your grounding status of the new land, location to bed. Lie down on the bed and relax and maintain connected status. Let it all go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow.




Step 4

Sleep soundly and let go of everything, live from your new vibration, country, location and grounding source, your base. It is safe to be who you are, who you were and where you want to go in life. Let it flow and develop while you take a step in your place, be kind to yourself and while you sleep, meditate, visualize and so on.




Step 5

Sleep well, Sleep is the best meditation there is .... Let everything heal, clean up, heal lovingly unwind while you sleep.




Step 6

In your dream journal, write everything down when you wake up. This is how you keep a dream diary! ... The next step is also the most important step for connecting to the new energy and new vibration. Write it down in a dream journal. Write down your first feeling, thought, what you have released, how do I feel now and so on. If you do this every night and morning, you can be sure to let go and process your dream energy. Often there is a common thread, recognition of a pattern or experience that repeats and so on.  Sleeping makes the difference

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