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Memorial Dreaming

Published on 4 May 2020 at 13:48

When you sleep you are more deeply connected to the universe, spirit, your loved one and / or your soul mates. The moment you release control, the soul connection is deeper than ever. You can see it like this when you sleep, meditate, you are open to connect purely with everyone and everything that is really very important.  Dreams open the door to growth 


When you sleep, your ego is not and / or much less active. So you are able to listen to your subconscious better / differently. Where you block Dream Meditation, doubt, experience emotions, fear and so on, there is now no influence and control.

On a day like May 4, the connection to your soul connections is even stronger than on other days. Even with the full moon, the connection to the universe is stronger!


So you are deeper connected to the closed doors, layers, memories of your past - you have no control over it. That which blocked your ego is now open. This opportunity is therefore the right time to allow the memory of your deceased loved one, universe, spirit and / or soul mates. You can even think of family history and past lives that affect your life now. Dream tree DNA

Do you ever dream about loved one, universe, spirit and / or soul mates?



It is very common that you dream about a deceased loved one, universe, spirit and / or soul mates.


You can remember it very well, not only because your ego is less present. But also because it flows more directly into your soul. These kinds of dreams have an extra important message. There are learning moments and support from the higher so that you can grow and develop as a person / soul. It gives you the opportunity to embrace your pain, to discover all layers of your soul. Embracing the power of your pain Stress Sleeping


As it were, you are first on the earthly step of the stairs to the universe and / or that with which you feel a connection. What you do with it is completely up to you. your soul stores everything, keeps it until the right time and the right way it comes out is different for every person. Experience the Dream protection when you sleep, open yourself to the wonderful messages you can receive while you relax, unwind and open yourself from your source, your base, your soul, your heart and so on Partner and relationship dreams

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