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The power of dance dreams

Published on 23 April 2020 at 20:15

Dancing in your dreams is very common, but you cannot often remember it consciously. Unlike music it doesn't stick like that, but the energy that is touched is just as great as dreaming with music. It is a movement that allows the soul to relax, heal and heal, it is the inner vibration that comes to a relaxed status.


Now you may think? ..


But Marjan I never dance in my dreams! Then this message is especially for you because, yes we dream, visions all to the rhythm of your soul through dance, there are no exceptions. In fact, we dream more often with sound, music, dance than you can imagine. 



It also ensures that you can creatively discover colors and discover yourself. Dancing clears everything, gives things a picture in your brain, brain and makes room for a new energy. Dream manifestation


Dancing in your dreams, like music, is the most relaxing and healing opportunity to really get to know yourself.


After all, dance dreams are the movement signals of an answered prayer, asking for help, signal, awareness of the fact that ...... and so on. Dance and music dreams are intuitively linked.

It connects your past life experiences, your problems, your memories so that it can heal. In addition, dance in your dreams, visions, daydreams is also a reflection of desires, memories of a film that touch your emotions, feelings. It represents the vibration that is connected to your own heart and everything that goes with it.  Sleeping makes the difference

Dance Dreaming is one of the most relaxed types of sleep methods you can imagine!


So put on a quiet, soft music and let your soul colors speak and go to bed almost dancing, at least take this status with you while you sleep and you will see yourself dancing dreamingly enjoying the refreshed energy and soul colors vibration.


Are you ready to take the first dance opportunity? ..... so that you can really dream deeply from your soul colors.


Your soul dance touches your heart vibrations and intuition, so that you can give it a place in your life and / or the situation you are in. Every step has a personal charge, no one else can touch it, explain it, experience it because it flows on your own vibration.


Dreams in which your dance tells you that part with which you are connected, what is important now, what you keep busy in your waking life and / or with which you can get started. Signals from the universe, that what you have asked are answered through dream dance and stored and processed in the right place. Twinsouls dream 


If you want to know more about the combination between music and dance dreams, read my music sound in the dreams blog and / or view the coaching options 

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