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Summer dreams

Published on 20 April 2020 at 20:00

Are you ready for summer dreams and are you open to a flow of abundance? .. Are you just like me preparing you to pick the dream seeds and make them really tangible. Insights, waking up and the solutions, finding possibilities during your summer dreams. You can no longer ignore it, it just happens, that what you harvested in the spring is now really very realistic and tangible. New Moon dreams 


Like every season (winter, spring, autumn), summer has its own dream energy!


Summer dreams depict the reaping of the fruits, the rounding off, the harvesting, the visualization and tangibility of everything that you have been working on lately. Births, babies and pregnancy dreams are common during the summer period.

The gift of summer is that it not only affects the harvest dreams but also your whole being, body, soul, source and spirit, spirit and / or that with which you feel and / or experience a connection. As it were, your body, soul, your source, your base warms up and gets ready to harvest, to welcome it and to draw it to you. Winter Sleep (Hibernation) 

What are you waiting for, let the summer dreams warm you, abundantly bless and embrace.


Also take time for The influence of Leylines on your dreams  because this energy flows faster in the summer than during all other seasons Floral magic in your dreams  


Around the summer period dream, you also vision much more about the birth of babies, animals and other domestic things that have to do with something fertile and tangible. The new there we dream and visions about - success, victory and so on. During the summer period we also dream a lot about fruit and especially apples, pears and fruit that is connected to the womb of life, the elements of earth, fire, water and air. Vacation and dreams 


During the summer period we also dream much more often about water, plants, flowers and so on.

This has to do with the fertile period in which summer flourishes and makes you aware of the possibilities of picking your dreams, wishes, ideas and opportunities.



Another common dream, vision, daydream, Affirmation Visualization and Manifestations is of course eating in the broadest sense of the word. It is the inner water, the waves that flow to you - all you have to do is touch, allow and embrace during the summer/spring dreams. 


Another common dream and vision energy is being successful in all areas where you want to make promotion and so on. Menopause and menstruation are much more common in women and in men this is orgasm, sex and primal urges. The connection with your twin soul, like-minded, soul mates during the summer dreams are stronger than usual, but that also applies to past lives, ancestors and family history. Autumn sleeping tips 

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