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Spring dreams

Published on 10 March 2020 at 07:00

Open and show yourself again, as if you were freeing yourself from your cocoon and exploring the world as a caterpillar. You close winter, as it were, a period in which you have experienced protection. You have left the old behind and now you take off your stationary winter coat and crawl little by little every day towards what you want. Sleeping makes the difference 


You can translate your spring dreams as waking up, opening and taking new first steps. Plant the seeds and take care of them; it is not yet the right time to take immediate action.



So take time in the spring for meditations, manifestation, affirmation, and visualization so that you can give your plans a good basis. You embrace what was and you are open to the new. The inner child is expressed and is preparing for the coming year.


Spring dreams have a clear sign the first new, you can think of seeds that germinate, gardening, expanding, pregnancy, baby, puppy, foals and so on. The waking life, as it were, reflected in your dreams, visions and meditation energy. You can also think of eggs, birds, feathers. Droom Affirmatie 



Activating energetic connections with like-minded and twin souls, soul mates and / or animals. The elemental creatures like the Fairy's gnome, mermaids, dragons. But also the connection with fairy tales and magic of life.


In addition, you can also spring dreams spiritually as active and awakening, becoming aware and higher dimensions and connecting with your calling or universe, life purpose, fate Sea shells support dreams



You know what is also very cool!

That spring dream actually forms the basis for the entire dream year.


The spring energy is wonderful to find yourself, to discover, to allow the new, but not yet to roll out completely! Rolling out, harvesting and taking action will come later. Let this energy float around in your dreams and visions, meditation, visualization world. This energy can be discovered, flows where there were never before opportunities and possibilities. That which was in your life last year has not changed, improved, released and / or is coming forward again. Dream connection tips from nature 

Marjan what makes my spring dreams different than for example summer dreams? ..


It is the right time to connect yourself deeply with your feeling, intuition and source, base, your guides and helpers. You are, as it were, at the basis of the as yet unwritten life manuscript. These are the new pages of your dream year. Spring is the start, discovering, figuring out. Do not put the puzzle pieces together but compare them side by side so that they fit together in the summer or autumn. Feng shui supports your sleep rhythm 



Are you ready to discover the new pieces? ... embrace the Spring and discover.


New connections will also come your way in the spring, it does not have to be that you also meet each other in your waking life in the spring, but in your dream world you are together. This energetic vibration is so strong that you can even attract someone on the other side of the world so that you (consciously) know it. Spring dreams reflect the radiant incipient energy while summer dreams reflect the fertile energy, harvests and action !.



Spring dreams exercise



Step 1

Sit comfortably, relax upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or slightly open. Breathe deeply and slowly a few times. This automatically relaxes you deeper. Your attention remains clear and alert. Focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart and the turning in of spring. When you find yourself distracted, let go of the distraction and bring your attention back to the breath in the here and now. Stttt be quiet listen to yourself and let it flow !.




Step 2

Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state as soil appears in front of you, soil, seeds, small germs that rise their heads. See it before you touch it, feel the soil, the soil, soft new seeds slip through your fingertips, feel it touch your skin, put your hand between the germs and leave an imprint. Feel the connection you have with the earth and spring and let your handprint flow as you turn deep inside your heart, your body. Feel the spring energy flowing through your body and feel the connection with your whole being and the beautiful planet earth.





Step 3

Take this status of your grounding status to bed. Lie down on the bed and relax and maintain connected spring status. Let it all go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow. It is quite possible that your new spring dream will be fully experienced from your source, your base and from your earthly, loving life.





Step 4

Sleep well and let go of everything, live from your spring energy and grounding source, your base. It is safe to be who you are, who you were and where you want to go in life. Let it flow and develop while you take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and while you sleep, meditate, daydream and so on.





Step 5

Sleep well, Sleep is the best meditation there is .... Let everything heal, clean up, heal lovingly unwind while you sleep.




Step 6

In your dream journal, write everything down when you wake up. This is how you keep a dream diary! ...

The next step is also the most important step for unpacking your autumn dream. Write it down in a dream journal - know that spring dreams don't always have to be translated - sometimes letting it rest is a good start, so you can put the puzzle pieces together later!


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