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Corona virus affect dreams

Published on 1 March 2020 at 07:00

You are really not the only one who is concerned about the Corona Virus "I am also worried and the whole world with me. My neighbors have the Corona Virus; there is only 1 wall between them ... So yes I am also worried to care!. I get a lot of the question question Marjan does the Corona virus influence my dreams or visions, meditations and daydreams and so on.  The unhealthy dream highway 



"No" indirectly not! ... It is true that if you go to bed with an anxious or rotten feeling it will affect your dreams, daydreams, meditations and visions and so on. Of course, you probably go to bed full of unprocessed experiences. That the fear of a virus can also (start) and even reinforce your dream anxiety or sleep anxiety. That does not mean that it does not mean anything and that you are exaggerating. No In fact, it is actually something you can and should take into account.


"Fear is not a good advisor," even at the time of a virus like this. So keep calm, calm and let it slowly come at you. It sounds easy but try it .... relax, enjoy life and use your creativity, your inner urge to survive and so on.


You can also think of influence from the news, the newspaper, colleagues, friends, like-minded, authority. Everyone is talking about it and that really affects your sleep phase. As a result, your brake sleep has a negative undertone. You can think of crying, emotions, fear, anger that feel like a common thread running through the whole dream world. "unfortunately I have to admit that is really the case". Dream anxiety really exists!

You often wake up (over) tired the next day, negative, depressed or even listless.


You can also think of the strange feeling that your dream has a very deep (spiritual) meaning. That there are signals, messages or even negative energy in the dream.


For people with ADHD and hypersensitive people, new age children, this virus and sleeping is even more challenging than usual.



You can think of it as the following !.

Because you go to sleep full of emotions, feelings you block, as it were, the processing of the experiences you have had during the day. You block healing, you block the conversion of negative energy to positive energy. As it were, you subconsciously give it a sticker, a label, a negative experience, a blister that must be treated very carefully in the future. When you sleep (dream) you can gradually discover the layers of your soul, but if you go to sleep full of emotions you do not peel off the layers, but put a new plaster over it. Letting go of dreams 

Tip 1

don't go to bed crying, full of emotions! if you are not feeling well, do not go to bed immediately. Tip 1 is at odds with my tips to sleep better - for several reasons, among other things, that during the corona virus it is wise not to place too much emphasis on the negative, but to strengthen the positive

Of course it is now at the time of incarceration / isolation to crawl under the wool if it does not go the way you want (depression and burnout signals). But change your mind, first read a book, watch television, listen to the radio before you go to sleep. "do what relaxes and soothes you." The negative energy has to be removed from your system first, so that your brain can give it a good place while you sleep.




Tip 2 

Look at the moon, the stars, the sunset. This gives you a naturally human experience with your own sleep mode or sleep rhythm. If you look outside before sleeping, your body will switch to relaxing, unwinding. You feel the connection with the stars, the setting sun, the moon, the planet and so on. "being human, the earth, coming back into the body".





Tip 3

Simplify your bedroom - clean up all the stuff you haven't used for more than 6 months. You can also think of stuff under your bed! Avoid clutter, an un-tidy bedroom creates stress and also keeps the emotions. Feng shui supports your sleep rhythm




Tip 4

The telephone and other electronic devices interfere with your personal energy "besides waking up to all messages and news" there is also an interrupted night's sleep and / or falling asleep. Turn everything off with a plug, turn off your phone and / or alternatively turn on the airplane modes.  Sleeping makes the difference Stress Sleeping 

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