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Find your dream source

Published on 5 February 2020 at 17:38

Did you know that everyone has a dream source, a foundation, a beginning that deepest hidden me! Every person has a connection with this, whether or not consciously and / or unconsciously present. How often do you appeal to that source, the core that base, your deepest core and have you discovered it while you sleep, dream, daydream, meditate? .. Sleep sensitivity 


While you sleep you are the purest version of yourself, your soul; you are then directly connected to your dream source, your highest good and / or that with which you feel a connection - this can also be god, angels and / or guides and so on.

You will find the answers to everything in your dream source, your base! You cannot ignore it, it does not lie, it does not fool you, it does not deviate, it is pure and real. It is full of memories, old wounds, traumas, and love, the unknown new, which together form a great combination full of imperfection. Every day you take a step forward to get, discover and meet. Letting go of dreams 



Discover all the layers of your soul while you sleep, how nice is that! .... There is no deeper healing possibility than finding out who you really are through dreams - what moves you, why, where can I go, what should I do know and so on. You can fill them in yourself, because they are very personal and you only answer yourself (your source, the core, your soul, your base). Your subconscious tries to make contact with your intuition Summer dreams 


Are you open to that deepest version of yourself? ......




It is the layers that want to be discovered, what are you waiting for ... Jump into the dream deep, all you have to do is sleep, daydream, meditate and so on.


You can almost never literally translate dreams, it is always symbolic and / or the value that your source, your soul, your basis attaches to it. Of course, see my dream statements and the different applications that are possible on them. You can also see it as the frame of reference in which you make connections and / or have ever experienced at soul level. It is the layers that you can discover one by one so that you can put the puzzles together, find the common thread and so on. 

Use, your intuition, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, manifestations to combine everything together and immediately experience rapid growth from your source. Stress Sleeping 


Do you really want to grow from your deepest core, discover what your soul wants to let you know, feel and experience! ...


Open yourself to your dream source and notice the difference. You don't even have to be (spiritual) mindfulness and so on everyone can do it too, you can take it from me. 

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