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Control freak dreams

Published on 27 January 2020 at 10:44

Did you know that everything you do in daily life is projected on your dreams. Your fears, traumas, control moments make you dream about this topic too. As it were you try to force something through which you let yourself dream, visions, meditate and so on on this subject. 

For example you would like a relationship, you are looking for your soul mate, twin soul and you really need this as a control moment .... Then chances are that you really dream about it.


Are you as a control freak looking for signals from your soul mate, then you will find them in your dreams whether or not projected by yourself! ... Are these then signals No they are not.   


Provided you let go of course and learn the lesson to fully trust the unknown life path without wanting to keep control over it. You can really receive signals and confirmations through your dreams, meditation, visions and so on, provided that your ego does not run away with it.

The difference of authenticity is therefore in the energy that you put into it yourself. So it may be that if you are really worried about something, you are anxious, stressed that you also project this on your dreams, visions, meditations, matras and even on your daydreams. So your EGO influences, as it were, the energy that flows from your soul and / or there with which you have a connection - heaven, guides, angels, helpers and so on. 

Marjan then these are not dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations! ..

Yes, these are indeed important and explainable dreams and so on ... It is part of your process, but it has no soul messages (except for letting go and having confidence) You can think of the power of visualization and manifestation, intuition and so on.

Of course it may be that ego-oriented dreams also bring hidden messages, soul growth. In general, you can assume that dreams that are experienced from (unconscious) control freak moment rather hide a life lesson that you can disconnect from your ego-oriented thinking.


So Control freak moments negatively affect your dreams - let go, relax and keep things unconsciously created and developed ego. Dreams, visions, meditations, daydreams and so on are almost impossible to explain, place, classify and use as a growth moment. Especially not if there is too much energy in the outcome and / or the development of the path occurs.


I have to admit I've always been a control freak myself.

I learned to let go by manifesting and just trusting so I know very well how difficult it is to not want to know the unknown path completely, to map it out !. Nowadays I am doing well, I see it as a challenge and I let everything come as a surprise.

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