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Blue Monday dreaming

Published on 20 January 2020 at 10:49

Today is Blue Monday, I myself have nothing at all with it ... But the trend at the moment is that you can't feel comfortable on Blue Monday. You can use it as an excuse for your behavior.

Blue Monday is the most depressed day of the year ... At least that's how science came up with it. The day when it is dark for a long time, that more people than usual are not feeling well. Your colleagues have a depression, the cashier doesn't seem to be burning ahead, a long traffic jam, an unpleasant day, right? ...


This can have an impact in the dreams, daydreams, meditation and visions world.


Whether or not because you project it yourself. Whether or not because you are unconsciously working on it. "Is it proven No" Because it is a scientific day and not a spiritual, soul experience that applies to the entire world.


Do you have to put it under chairs or benches, put your head in the sand? .... No you don't have to. You can fill it in yourself day and especially if you do something with it during your meditations, affirmations, visualisations, daydreams, dreams, visions and sleep.

As you may read I am not at all of Blue Monday; I am not bothered by it either. In fact, I always go to bed extra cheerful, daydream with extra positive energy because I know that it means nothing to me. 

I am not one out of a thousand in a Blue Monday.

Now it is true that all energy that happens in the world around you can also be picked up during your sleep, daydreaming, meditations and so on. So yes indirectly it can influence and you can feel it. I always say it is how you look and how you want to experience it.

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