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Discover your dream job!

Published on 13 January 2020 at 10:50

Did you know that more than 80% of people do not have the job that suits them and that very often through sleeping, your dreams have been and / or have been clearly visible for months or even years.

Imagine you have a job that doesn't really suit you if you listen to your heart deep down. You can also say that it is not really your dream job? ..... But you need money to pay the bills. You experience sleepless nights, meditation problems, stress, daydreaming, poor concentration, neck problems, migraines, sleep anxiety and so on. Dreams that repeat themselves 


We often write this off as burnout, taking a rest, going to the physio and so on and yet it just keeps on going. Then it may very well be that you do not have the dream job that really belongs to you (soul experience / soul assignment).


This problem is very common and it is called physical influence on your whole being. Including worrying and sleepless nights ... …… Yes, your body does indicate at an early stage that it is not right. Dream manifestation 


It is more visible than you think, only it is very often ignored.

Did you know that your dreams, sleeping, daydreaming, visions first signal that you are not working for the right employer and / or that you are not in the right job.


For sleepless nights, meditation problems, intuition, daydream obstacles, consider whether your job actually suits you. Take Mindfulness time to put everything together; so see your physical cues that don't just indicate Sleeplessness up to 70% 

During dreams and daydreams you can find out how and what. The dream job becomes clear, visible and you can convert your waking life into new steps and / or even a career switch that can become tangible. Learn to discover the messages of dream work and you can get to know yourself from the very core of your being.  Dream transformation 


If, like me, you also want insight into what you feel and experience from your source, your base, then take the time to sleep well and get to know yourself through your dreams. 


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