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Sleeping with the dark days

Published on 19 November 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, you experience an autumn dip / winter depression because it is not only cold, it is dark longer, but also because your energy level just flows away differently than during spring and summer. You can also think about sleeping poorly and even experience the challenge of actually getting a good night's sleep (REM sleep).


Being dark longer has its advantages and certainly also disadvantages for sleeping, dreaming daydreaming etc. and the more sensitive you are the more difficult it becomes. Because it is darker and longer - we choose artificial light much faster. Particularly artificial light has a large influence from the negative radiation on the way you sleep, falling asleep and even dreaming, daydreaming, meditating, visualizing and so on is blocked or not disturbed. "Consequence of winter dip / autumn depression and more tired than ever".


Marjan why am I more tired during the dark days?


There are some pointers to mention you can think of.

The negative influence of artificial light (extending the awakening status)

The moon energy is more powerful and the sun energy decreases;

Holidays, stress, burnout, year-end commitments;

Closing the year (winter period means withdrawing) inside yourself;

Need more sleep and rest moments;

Unwanted sweating and being too hot so that you do not relax as it were;

Heating that is on causes sleep problems;

Short of fresh air but also experiencing cold and drafts.




Better sleeping tips during the dark days


Reduce the use of artificial light, you can also think of candles or a fire and so on.

Go to bed on time, so don't stay active any longer; prepare for sleep status earlier. If you go to bed at 11:00 in the summer (it is still light). It is not for nothing that it is dark before winter / autumn. It's not smart to do that in winter / fall too - bring it forward by half an hour so you can fall asleep quietly and, as it were, on-artificial lights.

Turn the heating off and / or a sleeping temperature an hour before you go to bed and that is around 18/19 degrees Celsius for most people.

Provide a warm blanket and / or comforter that suits the winter / fall season.

Close windows and doors, but keep air vents open.

Be aware of the winter dip and / or autumn dip, keep in mind that your energy level is lower.

Before going to sleep, look at the moon, the stars and let the beautiful energy act on you.

Drink a cup of warm milk before bed.

Take time to relax during the day - mindfulness, daydreaming and meditation help.

Know more what you can do to promote your sleep, fall asleep read my other blog posts !.

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