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Cleaning Dreams

Published on 13 November 2019 at 07:00

Cleaning and tidying for one a challenge for the other a fun activity. I have to admit that I find it a challenge. I don't mean by this that I have a dirty house; or that I don't clean up and clean, but it's just not quite my thing.


I regularly jokingly say that I was not born to be a housewife and that is correct. I just don't think it's the nicest obligation. I can leave the dishes in the sink until I really can't help it. But when I have done it, the dream energy immediately feels fresh and good again.

The dream energy flows differently and inspires again to fall asleep better, to have better visions, daydream, manifest, affirmations and visualize.


But Marjan what is the influence of a not clean house / house on your dreams, daydreams, visions, manifestations and visualisations?


Through my dreams, daydreaming, I discovered that a house that is not tidy does have an influence on the flow of your energy, finding answers and becoming aware of the fact that ....




The growth process is blocked, does not flow, daydreams, visions, meditations and dreams are connected to the old energy that is present in the house / home. Things you've finished with stick to dirty cups in the sink. It therefore remains very consciously present in your life and continues to grow instead of having you and being able to give space, the personal luggage accumulates on and on and so on.


Ask yourself the question:
If I don't tidy or clean my house how can I leave the old behind and let the new into my life? ..
Be honest !.


Insights, relaxed meditations, visualisations and daydreams no longer come naturally and disturb your entire being. Sleeping becomes a challenge and especially falling asleep and having a good brake sleep experiences blocking from everything that has been in your life for too long.

In fact, when your house / home is a gang; that you can literally dream and so on of cleaning and clearing up as if the energy calls you to remove the old from your life. As it were, you project dirt on your dreams, visions and so on (hoping for a cleaning action).


A tidy house is the second important step to a new dream life - it reduces stress, burnout, it strengthens your dream connection, daydreaming, intuition, source, base, meditations and visualization.

Attracting everything that is on your wish list is linked to the flow of new dream energy that you can allow yourself or not!

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