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Dream connection tips from nature

Published on 31 October 2019 at 07:00

Open your eyes, listen, look around you, smell, feel the wind flow, feel the energy touch and flow through your skin. It touches your meditations, visualisations, affirmations, daydreams, visions, dreams and so on from your core that come back into harmony, find balance and have a healing effect. 


When you are outside you are even more directly connected to your dream lessons, yourself, your source, your base, your soul and / or with which you are connected; it does not matter which term preference the dream lessons from nature are deep and pure.

Learn to connect yourself and see the dream wonders become visible, tangible and logical and / or fit together like a dream puzzle.


Nature supports not only physically, but also your soul, your source, your base and your awake and subconscious being that are expressed through dreams, daydreams, meditations, visualisations and manifestations.



Dream connection tips from nature


Go outside the sunrise and sunset provide a deeper connection to your dreams, visions, meditations and daydreams. Dream yoga is also enhanced by the sunrise and sunset.

The position of the moon has a profound influence on your dream connection, this money for both the new moon and the full moon. See also my blog posts full moon, new moon for more information.

Walk barefoot, both indoors and outdoors; also in winter (house socks) and let the energy flow from the earth to you, so that you are better connected to your dream energy.

Take a rest moment for yourself, stare, look, daydream break; look up and let the energy of the clouds flow towards you and experience that your intuition flows from your source, touches your base and deeply the dream connection.

Go to the forest, park, lawn and connect with what nature offers. For example, brush your hands, skin over the flowers and plants, moss, leaves of a tree. You can also think of the acorns, chestnuts, nuts and so on. What do you experience, what do you feel describe it in your dream diary !. Connect yourself while your senses are stimulated and therefore your daydreams, dreams, meditations and so on that start flowing fully.


Do a walking (dreaming) meditation, relaxing exercise outside and / or bring it outside - balanced - by setting up a room or place, an altar that reflects your connection with nature.

Go to the beach, the sea and let the water take everything away, the womb of life heals and heals you for free - all you need to do is bring water into your life and / or go to the beach. See also my blog post about water and the dream energy


Animals give you dream signals, surround yourself with animals, go to a park where you can meet animals - birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, horses and so on tell you something, give a signal a dream answer or insight. Know more about animals read my animal blogging !. Meet your animal dreams BFF

Why do we often dream about animals? 


Nature helps you connect more deeply with yourself, seeing dream signals and mindfulness living, relaxation and better sleep, dreaming, daydreaming, visualizing, meditating and personal growth from the very core.

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