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Dream garden

Published on 21 October 2019 at 07:00

Did you know that you also have to take care of dreams, daydreams, visions, manifestations? .... You can compare it with your own flowers, garden and / or park. Attention is paid to, care for, fertilized here and there, pruned, winterized and so on.

This is also how it works with dreams, daydreams, visions some are important enough to grow, develop, while other dreams, daydreams, visions are negligible and are currently in the autumn or winter stage. Sleeping makes the difference 


Birds, butterflies, animals come to bring dream signals into your waking life that you can link to your dreams, visions, daydreams, manifestations and so on, making your dream garden more beautiful and bigger. Your garden is a reflection of your dream world, a mirror of how your base, your source, your dreams develop and grow.


What do you mean by taking care of dreams like a garden.

You plant dream seeds, dream bulbs in the spring of your dreams, daydreaming and so on while you sleep and meditate. You take care of it and in the end you can reap the benefits, give processing a place in your life and / or you see the common thread in the whole of your dreams. The puzzle pieces fall into place because you take care of your dreams as if you had a garden. Dreamwalker (False Awakening) 


It is an important task dilapidated dream gardens provide dream blockages and stop dream energy. That does not mean that you stop dreaming, daydreaming, meditating, visualizing and so on, but that you block your own growth, development, awareness, puzzle pieces, common thread and / or even karma and past life experience. Floral magic in your dreams 

 Anyone can take it from me. Everyone dreams every night, everyone daydreams regularly !. All you have to do is pay attention to your dream, daydream, your source, your base, your intuition and / or there you are connected.


Water, earth, fire and air represent all elements in your dream garden and you can also find these in your personal learning processes, your dream growth process. Your roots, your base, your source and the lesson that everything is linked together history, your life now and so on. All in all, it is your own path, no one walks this path only you! Biological sleep problems 


Marjan what happens if I don't take care of my dreams?

Dreams, daydreams, meditations that don't get the attention they need don't just disappear. They empty energy, as it were, as if they cannot absorb fertile soil. It is a blockage on your own growth, development, awareness, puzzle pieces, red thread blocks and / or even karma and past life experience. Letting go of dreams 



It is a challenge to make old neglected dreams fertile.


But like any garden challenge, there is always an opportunity to make new cuttings and put the puzzle pieces in place. You can also think of not becoming aware of the moment because the dreams have stopped. It does not bring you personal growth and development at this time. 


Now it is true that the dream must first go through all cycles and that the earth is not just extinguished, but the conclusion of unfinished dreams, daydreams, visions and meditations is very important. Even if you only close it by letting go and giving it a place in your dream cloud. 

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