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Dreamcards Method 

Published on 15 October 2019 at 07:00

How cool would it be if you can consciously grow and develop dreams, daydreams and meditations. With the dream ticket method you can not only let your dreams grow, develop and experience more consciously; but also make it insightful and above all visual.


Your dream story develops, grows and becomes insightful because you spend time on it and calmly find a place in your routine, your life and thereby bring about changes from the deepest core of your soul, intuition and / or with which you are connected. Each dream card reflects your dream, daydream and / or meditation moment. You write it down in short words, you color it, shape it and hang it up. You let the story develop for the next 3 months.


Every quarter look and connect the dream cards together so that a great unique and personal story is created. All dream cards are therefore different, personal and only by reading, explaining and understanding yourself.




You can compare the dream ticket method with the dream diary keeping, except that the dream ticket method is more in line with people who are visually oriented. In addition, the dream card method is the basic translation and no additional information that you can experience with a dream diary. That is not to say that the dream ticket method is not valuable and / or cannot bring growth.


"It's small and powerful"


In fact, it is very visual and intensive because your own energy, intuition is very strongly present !. Are you an image thinker, daydreamer, hsp, do you see life in pictures, colors, shapes, etc. then the dream card method is a great addition to your awareness process and so on.

Your dreams, daydreams, meditations are enhanced by the dream cards !.


Hang it up in a place that immediately catches your eye, where you often go! So that when you wake up you can immediately start working with it !.

Dreamcards Method 


Step 1: Collecting dreamcards moments: 
Collect nice leaves, cardboard, photos, stickers and other fun material that will appeal to your imagination! Markers, pens, glitter, etc. that really suit you and / or that reflect the dream energy.

Use your dream diary as an addition to start your dream tickets. Note take a quarter as a starting point; so you will be working on your dream cards for three months, every day there is a new dream card. Check out Pinterest for the best ideas

* did you not consciously dream does not matter, just skip it, maybe you will remember it tomorrow.



Step 2: Describe the following on each dream ticket! ...


Feeling and emotion:

* Dream, vision and / or daydream:

* Keywords

Dream tracker. Give it a Rating Star *****



Step 3: Action every day !. 

When you wake up you immediately create your dream card, don't wait with it. It doesn't have to be long either. Making and hanging a card for 5 to 10 minutes is a great, fun dream challenge to work on yourself.



Step 4: Create the dream story! 

After a quarter, get your dream cards together, put them next to each other, and connect them together by reading everything there is! You will see that a story is created through your dreams, daydreams, meditations. By just reading it up you will experience things, you can connect, your intuition, feeling, source, your base and / or where you connect with will be convinced of that.

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