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Autumn sleeping tips

Published on 9 October 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, the autumn dip, rain, cold, bad sleep and not being able to wake up and so on. The bahh feeling when you slide the curtains aside, not rested at work, nothing flows nicely everything seems an obstacle a challenge.


Short sleep, wake up tired while the energy, the season has changed. Is a challenge for many people, you are not alone. I have to admit that I haven't been feeling well at all lately, in fact I wake up tired and have no energy to do anything.


That does mean something for an experienced specialist and trainer !.

A few days ago I luckily woke up again from my autumn dip, which allowed me to apply my autumn dip sleeping tips, after which the bahh feeling disappeared completely and my energy shot up again. 


What if I can give you some easy tips that will immediately improve your sleep fall!




The 5 sleep autumn dip tips!


Tip 1 It depends on how you look!
The beliefs such as having an autumn dip, being tired, needing 8 hours of sleep ensure that you project a fixed thought on your whole being. What makes you actually tired, stays, does not wake up cheerfully and so on.

Become aware of your conviction! .... Why did you get up this morning - every day is a new opportunity, it is Christmas today, it is your dream birthday, you can write the life script today no one does it for you !. Go to sleep with the idea that you will wake up fresh and rested tomorrow - that the autumn energy supports you instead of exhausting you.



Tip 2 Intentions before going to bed.
In other words, what am I going to do tomorrow? ...., When you go to sleep you take, as it were, a feeling, an image for which you get up tomorrow. Your party moment, your new chance and so on. That nice job, a great meditation, visualization, affirmation or sports moment. "you can fill it in yourself". Go to bed with an intention, and you will see that you wake up easily the next morning because you have a reason to get up.

See it through the eyes of a child. Tomorrow you can eat pancakes "how cool is that". We can all say that ourselves! ... big and small.

Tip 3 Go to bed on time! But don't go too early!
Yes that is easy Marjan!, .. Go to bed on time; but don't go to bed too early either. I understand that it is confusing, but going to bed on time is different for everyone and that is why the explanation is double. For one person this is at 23:00 while for another it is at 20:00 the correct bedtime.

My advice is: Do not go to bed until you are tired, do not go to bed until you are tired - it makes no sense at all. Also, don't go to bed until you've been tired for hours - because then you're over your sleep !. In other words, listen to your body when it comes to going to bed !. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep, it is highly recommended.

See also my other sleeping tips for more options, tips, advice on sleeping well and so on !.



Tip 4 Get up on time!
Getting up is the biggest fall dip challenge for many people! ... What if I tell you that getting up early is the solution to the snooze, apologizing for another 5 minutes and so on. Get up an hour earlier. Don't spend this time feeling tired, but working on yourself.

Working on yourself is the key to change !. 


So take time to work on yourself. You can think of meditating, visualizing, daydreaming, manifestation, affirmation and / or keeping a diary. Perhaps you dare to take up the challenge and start exercising and / or doing yoga.

By working on yourself for an hour, your life changes immediately and the autumn dip decreases in new energy.




Tip 5 Wake up refreshed
When you sleep your body is inactive and as it were dried out and empty when you wake up. If you want to wake up actively, drink a glass of water immediately after getting up. Take it from me, you immediately feel more cheerful, more active, and less tired.

Brush your teeth, Wash your face with water so that all your muscles become active. Brushing your teeth is not only good for your teeth, it gives a refreshed feeling, but it also ensures that you move the inactive status to active status.

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